January 27, 2021

Yokohama to Launch European Sales of Crossover Tyre

Yokohama will expand marketing of its BluEarth RV-02 tyres, currently sold in Japan and Asia, to Europe, gradually rolling out the tyre across the continent from mid-year. In Europe, the BluEarth RV-02 tyres will be available in 35 sizes, ranging from 245/35R20 95W XL to 195/65R15 91H. The tyres have secured the highest grade “A” ranking for wet grip performance under Europe’s tyre labelling system. They also have “C” grade for rolling resistance.

Yokohama says the market of crossover SUVs and minivans in Europe is dramatically growing and leading to diversification in driver demands on tyre performance. European drivers are, in particular, demanding tyres that deliver better on-road performance such as wet grip and quietness.

In addition to the basic concept of a fuel-efficient tyre that performs well in wet condition, the BluEarth RV-02 was developed with a view toward suppressing the tendency of tall and heavy vehicles to shake, resulting in uneven tyre wear, while also delivering a superior quietness. Yokohama says the tyres provide drivers of tall and heavy vehicles, such as minivans and SUVs, with a greater sense of stability when driving on rainy days. They also contribute to a quiet ride – often a challenge in box-type vehicles in which noise tends to reverberate throughout the cabin.

The BluEarth RV-02 is one of the latest additions to Yokohama Rubber’s BluEarth line-up in Europe.