June 26, 2019

Yokohama To Be Factory-Equipped on BMW X5 M Performance Model

Yokohama Advan Sport V105
Yokohama Advan Sport V105

Yokohama is supplying its Advan Sport V105 to BMW for use as original equipment (OE) on the M Performance version of the automaker’s X5. The X5 M Performance model comes equipped with 275/40R21 107Y size front tyres and 315/35R21 111Y rear tyres. The X5 M Performance was launched in markets around the world in November 2018.

The Advan Sport V105 is a high-performance tyre developed by Yokohama primarily for use on high-power premium automobiles. The tyres being supplied for the new X5 M Performance model were jointly developed with the BMW Group and bear the German automaker’s star mark symbol of approval on the tyre sidewall.

The Advan tyres incorporate SILENTFOAM, a specially designed polyurethane foam attached to the inside of the tyre. Yokohama says the foam reduces tyre cavity resonance (the sound created inside the tyre as it vibrates while running over uneven road surfaces, which is then transmitted to the passenger compartment through the suspension).

Under its three-year medium-term management plan, GD2020, launched in February 2018, Yokohama Rubber has positioned the expansion of its presence in the premium tyre markets as the core goal for its consumer tyre business.