November 28, 2020

VW Reveals Robot EV Charging Concept

VW robot electric vehicle charging
Volkswagen Group Components’ mobile charging robot brings a trailer in the form of a mobile energy storage device to the vehicle

Volkswagen has unveiled an exciting glimpse into the electrified future with it’s a autonomous mobile charging robot concept from its Volkswagen Group Components arm.

The concept involves a mobile robot driving itself to the vehicle that needs charging and communicating with it. From opening the charging socket flap to connecting the plug to decoupling, the entire charging process occurs without any human interaction.

The robot brings a mobile energy storage device to the vehicle and connects them to charge the EV’s battery. The mobile energy storage device stays with the vehicle during charging process while the robot can move on to charge other vehicles. Once the charging service is complete, the robot collects the energy storage device and brings it back to the charging station.

Compact and autonomous: Volkswagen Group Components’ mobile charging robot.

According to VW, when fully charged, the energy storage devices, or ‘battery wagons’, are equipped with an energy content of around 25 kWh each and a charging robot can move several battery wagons at the same time. Controlled via an app or V2X communication, the robot is fitted with cameras, laser scanners and ultrasonic sensors. The combination of these systems, VW says, allows the robot to carry out the charging process completely autonomously.

The company adds that the mobile charging robot makes charging a far easier experience with drivers able to park in any available space, independent of whether a charging station is free or not.