January 19, 2021

U.S. Launch For BFGoodrich Agricultural Tyres

BFGoodrich Implement Control tyre
BFGoodrich Implement Control tyre

BFGoodrich, the Michelin-owned tyre brand known for its motorsport and off-road racing tyres, is launching a new, agricultural implement tyre – the BFGoodrich Implement Control. Aimed at helping farmers protect soil quality and maximise yields, the American-made tyre is designed for pull-behind implements and tillage applications to handle heavy loads.

The tyre is, the company says, a low-pressure, high-flexion IF tyre designed to carry 20 per cent more weight at the same pressure as a standard radial tyre. Features of the tyre include:

  • damage-resistant off-road casing enabling the tyre to withstand rough impacts and endure a high load capacity
  • a tough tread pattern that uses innovative compounds to battle stubble wear and tear
  • a large footprint that reduces soil compaction and increases yield
  • a flexible sidewall that enables optimal traction in the field and long wear on the road

The BFGoodrich Implement Control tyre is designed to work with Central Tyre Inflation Systems and is available in sizes IF 320/70R15 and IF 280/70R15

BFGoodrich, one of the original U.S. tyre brands, has 115 years of proven experience in North America,” said David Graden, agriculture operational marketing manager for Michelin North America. “We are now adding farm tyres to the portfolio with technology that will protect crops and the bottom line.”