February 17, 2020

The Mint Is A Fresh New EV Concept From Genesis

Genesis Mint Concept
Genesis Mint Concept

This is the Mint Concept from Genesis, revealed last week ahead of the New York International Auto Show.

An all-electric, luxury car designed for the city environment, the lightweight Mint Concept is a two-door, two-passenger vehicle that fields a high-density, battery-electric powertrain capable of an estimated 322km on a full charge and 350kW fast recharging – a feature that should bring charging time down to 15 minutes or less.

A nifty looking machine, the Mint has some pretty interesting, and functional, styling – the pattern on the lower half of the vehicle, which Genesis calls a ‘G-Matrix pattern’, not only looks good, but allows for cooling and airflow circulation around the battery floor. It is also the basis for the Mint’s wheel design and features prominently in the interior too.

Instead of a conventional trunk with a rear hatch, the Mint features a large parcel shelf, access to which the rear compartment is provided by scissor-style side openings.

On the inside, the centre console, which houses a control knob, can be folded, turning the floating front seats into a bench and getting in and out of the Mint is made easier thanks to the swivelling capability of the instrument panel and the bench seat.

The oblong steering wheel is surrounded by six copper info screens, while a seventh screen, mounted flush in the steering wheel, displays primary vehicle information.

While there are apparently no plans to put the Mint into production, it’s a cracking addition to an ever-expanding group of quality electric vehicle concepts.