January 25, 2021

Pirelli unveils Cyber Car Tech at Geneva Motor Show

Pirelli is presenting its Cyber Car tech at the Geneva Motor Show
Pirelli is presenting its Cyber Car tech at the Geneva Motor Show

Pirelli is presenting its Cyber Car technology at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The Cyber Car tech enables the tyre to directly interact with the car’s on-board electronics system, and in particular the driver assistance systems, delivering important information about the car’s operation.

Designed in close collaboration with car manufacturers, Cyber Car supplies important data that improves safety and performance. Pirelli says a tyre-embedded sensor improves performance, efficiency and environmental impact through capturing and transmitting key tyre data to the vehicle, such as pressure, internal temperature and tread depth. It can also activate systems such as ABS and stability control.

Cyber Car informs the driver about the tyre’s vertical load, temperature and pressure through the carmaker’s interface, allowing timely intervention if the pressures are wrong. Tyre maintenance becomes easier, thanks to specific feedback on tread wear and how tyres should be seasonally rotated.

Cyber Car is the latest application from Pirelli’s Cyber Technologies platform launched in 2002. The company’s Cyber systems are all based on a sensor placed inside the tyre, which is then connected to the Pirelli Cloud. This sensor, weighing just a few grams, monitors the operating status of every tyre and transmits the data to an electronic control unit. The information collected is delivered to the Pirelli Connesso app, or in the case of Cyber Car, to the car’s on-board systems and an app.

Pirellia says the first Cyber Car fitted models will arrive this year, with several manufacturers already at an advanced stage of integrating the company’s technology into their own systems.