May 22, 2019

Pirelli PZero Velo To Be Fitted To Pinarello Dogma F10

The Pirelli PZero Velo tyres will be fitted to the Pinarello Dogma F10 bike
The Pirelli PZero Velo tyres will be fitted to the Pinarello Dogma F10 bike

Pirelli has stuck up an OEM partnership with bike maker Pinarello and will provide its PZero Velo tyres to for fitment on Pinarello’s Dogma F10 bicycles in the 2018/2019 catalogue.

Pinarello has a storied history of and is considered one of the world’s great manufacturers of racing bikes, scoring wins across the greatest races including the Tour De France. The Dogma F10 is its premier model.

In recent months, Pinarello has put the PZero Velo to the acid test, carrying out extensive road tests over many miles in the harshest conditions. And the tyres delivered optimal results in every respect – rolling resistance, grip on wet and dry surfaces, ease of handling, resistance to punctures and durability – clearly meeting the high-performance requirements of the Dogma F10 bike.

“The tyres are the final and pivotal link between the bike and the asphalted surface – fitting the wrong tyres amounts to nullifying our work and compromising the performance of our bikes,” said Fausto Pinarello, President and CEO of Pinarello, at the announcement of the partnership. “Pirelli PZero is an extraordinary name on the world scene of tyres, nevertheless we had to make sure that their work and their product was right for our Dogma F10. Today we announce this partnership with the certainty that we have equipped our Dogma F10 bikes with the best tyres currently available on the market.”