October 14, 2019

Pirelli Launches P Zero Winter Tyre

Pirelli's P Zero Winter tyre
Pirelli's P Zero Winter tyre

Pirelli has revealed its new P Zero Winter tyre, designed with the objective of offering owners of supercars and luxury cars ‘the same driving feel that is typical of the summer P Zero, making the change of season almost unnoticeable’. Compound, tread pattern, and technical solutions, the company says, adapt the new tyre to the road conditions typical of winter, maintaining the same levels of safety and control.

The P Zero family now offers every type of tyre to equip the world’s most prestigious cars. Every tyre carries a specific marking on the sidewall that testifies to the joint development work carried out by Pirelli’s engineers alongside their counterparts at each car manufacturer, ensuring that there is a tailor-made Pirelli tyre for every car. This, says Pirelli, sums up the company’s ‘perfect fit’ strategy, with every marked tyre delivering the right technical performance for the to which it is fitted.

“P Zero is Pirelli’s most important brand: the one that sets us apart . . . P Zero represents the very essence of our strategy,” said Andrea Casaluci, Pirelli’s General Manager Operations. “It’s a strategy that has turned out to be a winning one: we supply original equipment tyres to more than half the cars in the prestige sector, we partner with the world’s most important carmakers, and we continue to grow – accompanying our customers at this important moment of technological transition in the automotive industry.”