March 20, 2019

Pirelli Brings Back Stella Bianca Tyre For Classic Cars

Pirelli's reborn Stella Bianca tyre for classic cars
Pirelli's reborn Stella Bianca tyre for classic cars

After more than half a century of making exclusively radial tyres, Pirelli has begun to make traditional crossply tyres again for classic car lovers wanting tyres with an original look and feel, but still capable of offering modern advantages.

Urged on by manufacturers such as Ferrari, Pirelli has created a new tyre for the Collezione family and launched it at the Padova Classic car and bike show in Italy. The result is the return of the Stella Bianca, which was Pirelli’s longest-lived tread pattern and the first modern tyre in the Italian firm’s history.

The new Stella Bianca tyre returns to the market looking identical to the original design, but with modern technology inside. Pirelli says the compounds used reflect the best of the company’s technology to guarantee efficiency, safety in wet conditions, and respect for the environment. The tyre construction, however, honours past traditions, namely Pirelli’s crossply tyre production.

This choice, says the company, helps recreate the latest Stella Bianca tyre to guarantee the dynamic originality of the cars it will be fitted on.

The tread pattern of the new Pirelli Stella Bianca is identical to that of the original, having been redesigned with the help of the Pirelli Fondazione archive, which keeps all the company’s historic documents. The sidewall markings, as well as the Pirelli logo of the time, have also been recreated. The size chosen for the Pirelli Collezione Stella Bianca is the most common size for classic sports cars – the 6.00-16 – while the tread echoes that of the original Corsa variant, which offered specific characteristics to ensure optimal grip and resistance to stress, which also made it suitable for competition use.