February 21, 2020

Nissan Unveils IMk Concept EV

Nissan IMk EV Concept
Nissan IMk EV Concept

Nissan has unveiled the IMk, an all-electric concept car that the company says is designed for the “ultimate urban commuter.”

The IMk is equipped with the latest ProPILOT advanced driver assistance technologies and connectivity features, and gives an insight into Nissan’s future styling direction and how the company sees urban-oriented cars may look and feel in the near future.

Other than the start button and shifter, the IMk’s thin dashboard is void of physical controls. Powering up the IMk reveals cabin comfort controls and settings with soft glowing icons. Important driving information, such as vehicle speed and navigation directions, appear in “mid-air” by way of a prism display. Customised information is communicated to the driver via holographic displays.

The Nissan IMk is fitted with the latest driver-assist technologies including the smartphone-enabled ProPILOT Remote Park feature with valet parking feature can search for a parking space automatically after you and your passengers step out of the car. When you’re ready to hit the road again, a tap of a button brings the car to you.

There’s also the latest connectivity technology fitted to the IMk. A driver can link to the car with a smartphone to authenticate their identity, automatically apply personal settings – such as seat position, interior lighting and climate controls – and plan their commute.

Before leaving on a trip, the IMk informs the driver of the best departure time via smartphone, taking into consideration variables such as traffic congestion. After arriving and valet parking itself, the vehicle can integrate with a home energy system and use spare battery capacity to balance home energy needs, using Nissan Energy Share.

While on a trip, the car utilises Nissan’s Invisible-to-Visible (I2V) technology. Merging information from sensors outside and inside the vehicle with data from the cloud, Nissan says that I2V technology can track the vehicle’s immediate surroundings and anticipate what’s ahead, even showing what’s behind a building or around the corner.