January 19, 2021

Nissan Reveals the Ariya EV Crossover

Nissan Ariya
Nissan Ariya

Nissan has unveiled the Ariya electric coupe crossover – the first production model to represent the company’s new electrified brand identity.

Built on an all-new EV platform, the twin electric motor, all-wheel-drive Ariya models will feature Nissan’s e-4orce and, in Europe, will be available in five core models:

  • Ariya 63kWh two-wheel-drive: 160Kw, 300Nm, a 0-100km/h time of 7.5 seconds, a top speed of 160km/h and a range of 360km.
  • Ariya 87kWh two-wheel drive: 178Kw, 200Nm, a 0-100km/h time of 7.6 seconds, a top speed of 160km/h and a range of 500km.
  • Ariya e-4ORCE 63kWh all-wheel-drive: 205Kw, 560Nm, 0-100km/h time of 5.9 seconds, a top speed of 200km/h and range of 340km.
  • Ariya e-4ORCE 87kWh all-wheel-drive: 225Kw, 600Nm, 0-100km/h time of 5.7 seconds, a top speed of 200km/h and range of 460km.
  • Ariya e-4ORCE 87kWh Performance: 290Kw, 600Nm, 0-100km/h time of 5.1 seconds, a top speed of 200km/h and a range of 400km

The Nissan Ariya 63kWh versions carry a 7.4 kW charger for domestic use, while the 87kWh models include a 22kW 3-phase charger for home charging. The Ariya can also support quick charging up to 130kW.

There are three drive modes, including Standard, Sport and ECO (e-4ORCE models include an additional Snow mode) and, as should be expected, a stack of technology available at the driver’s fingertips.

The Ariya comes with Nissan ProPILOT with Navi-link – a hands-on assistance system that helps drivers stay centred in their lane, navigate stop-and-go highway traffic and maintain a set vehicle speed and distance to the vehicle ahead. It also connects with the navigation system and utilises road map data, allowing the system to help adjust vehicle speed based on the posted limit. Additionally, the system can help adjust vehicle speed based on upcoming road conditions.

When the destination is reached, ProPILOT Park (available in limited markets) can recognise an open parking space and guide the vehicle into it.

In addition, the Ariya features e-Pedal – which allows the driver to launch, accelerate and decelerate using only the accelerator pedal – and 360-degree safety features such as the signature Nissan Safety Shield, which includes Intelligent Around View Monitor, Intelligent Forward Collision Warning; Intelligent Emergency Braking, and Rear Automatic Emergency Braking Technology.

On the inside, there is more high-tech fitout.

There’s a minimalist dashboard, with functions such as primary climate control integrated into the centre dash in the form of capacitive haptic switches that offer the same feeling as mechanical switches by vibrating when touched. The display interface features both a 12.3-inch instrument monitor and 12.3-inch centre display along a single horizon. The Ariya also boasts a large full-colour head-up display.

Tucked under the centre of the instrument panel is a centre storage box and foldout tray. The slide-out table design transforms the cabin space into a mobile office workspace.

The adjustable centre console can be moved to suit the driver’s personal preference, and the settings can be saved as part of the driver’s profile for automatic adjustment during future outings.

Connectivity tech includes a new human-machine interface and firmware over-the-air updates. Nissan’s intelligent personal assistance technology features a hybrid voice recognition system with advanced natural language understanding technology to handle in-vehicle assistance.

Drivers can check the status of the Ariya’s battery through a smartphone and there’s an Intelligent Route Planner that will send a reminder when it’s time to depart. While driving, the system monitors road conditions and suggests alternative routes to keep travel times short. By using the NissanConnect smartphone app, calibration of the Ariya’s climate controls can be set even before entering the vehicle.

Using the Intelligent Key system will allow the driver to unlock doors, and set the seat, steering wheel position and auto-sliding centre console to their profile.

It has been reported that the Ariya is scheduled to go on sale in mid-2021 and be priced in somewhere near the $AU60,000 mark. No confirmation of the vehicle coming to Australia as yet.