January 27, 2021

Nissan Australia To Electrify One Third of its Volume

Nissan LEAF
Nissan LEAF

Nissan has announced that during the current mid-term plan, one third of its Australian volume will include electric technology.

Led by the launch of new Nissan LEAF, the company is preparing for the expected spike in electrification and electric vehicle interest and sales.

“Electrified vehicles will represent a third of Nissan volume in Australia during our mid-term plan,” said Nissan Australia managing director, Stephen Lester.

“By introducing more electric alternatives on several of our key models, we will make mass market electrification a reality.

“I have no doubt electric vehicles will be a success here, and sooner than many think, and Nissan is planning for this now to ensure we meet the future needs of the buyer.”

Further to this, Nissan announced that the deliveries of the new generation Nissan LEAF will begin in mid-2019, and that the Australian-spec model will feature e-Pedal, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The new LEAF will also provide an expected real-world driving range of up to 270km per charge thanks, in part, to the larger 40kWh battery.

“The new Nissan LEAF has the ability to transform the way we drive and live,” said Lester.

“The increase in power and particularly torque make this vehicle a lot of fun to drive, surprising many who get to experience it.

“A larger 40 kilowatt hour battery will keep the LEAF on the road for longer and with bi-directional charging capabilities, you could feed charge from the car to power your home.”

With range anxiety a major consideration for EV buyers in Australia, the company’s internal global research shows that current owners approach the re-charging of their vehicle’s battery in the same way as their mobile phone.

“Charging is a simple act and many EV owners tend to charge their vehicle like they charge their mobile phones in preparation for the next day, by doing it overnight,” said Lester.

“A study by Zero Carbon Australia tells us that, on average, city-based drivers have a 38km daily commute, so daily re-charging is not necessary.

“Also, with a conscious mindset of overnight charging well in place thanks to mobile phones, most Australians are unlikely to have range issues.”

Sold at 89 Nissan Dealerships across the country – up from 12 when the LEAF was introduced in 2012 – Nissan will have the largest EV sales network in Australia, supported by EV installation experts JET Charge.

JET Charge is Nissan’s preferred charger installer at Nissan Dealerships, and for customers is able to fit out homes with charging equipment nationally.

“With more and more choice available, Australians are embracing electric vehicles, sales are going to grow, and Nissan is prepared for this growth,” said Lester.

“This means that the Dealership has the expertise and infrastructure in place to charge and service a LEAF, is stocked with spare parts and accessories, and they have trained sales staff and service technicians.

“We also have the relationship with JET Charge who will support LEAF owners with charging infrastructure at their homes.

The new Nissan LEAF has an improved 110kW or power – up 38 per cent versus the outgoing model – and 320Nm or torque, an increase of 14 per cent over the first generation.

Charging times, depending on the charging connection, range between 24 hours to a less than 60-minute fast charge.