January 27, 2021

Michelin To ‘Connect’ All Its Car Tyres By 2023

Michelin says it is to incorporate Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips into all its car tyres by 2023.

The company says that RFID allows improved tyre management from factory to end-of-life, offering predictive maintenance services to drivers, enabling for their incorporation into Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, offering new ways for businesses to save money and be more efficient – for example by guaranteeing against mix-ups, avoidance of incorrect assembly, efficient control of stock levels, saving time during assembly and checking of stock levels.

As RFID technology ensures traceability throughout the tyre lifecycle, Michelin says it will considerably improve end-of-life treatment by ensuring components’ traceability. In the future, this would allow proof of recycling to stakeholders, increasing the recycling rate or improving the efficiency of the energy recovery process.

“We are currently working with car manufacturers on the development of algorithms,” says Michael Ewert, Vice President Global Sales Original Equipment at Michelin. “Since RFID technology ensures this exact tyre identification, it is conceivable in the future that drivers will see a tyre status display next to their fuel gauge.

“RFID in tyres make many new business models possible and can also further increase safety when driving,” he added.

“We are convinced it represents a significant step forward in the tyre industry.”