May 29, 2020

Michelin & Safran Successfully Test New Connected Aircraft Tyre

Michelin Safran Tyre
Frank Moreau Senior Vice President, Aircraft Business Line at Michelin and Jean-Paul Alary, Chief Executive Officer of Safran Landing Systems

Michelin and Safran Landing Systems have announced the successful flight tests of the first connected aircraft tyre, PresSense.

Developed by the two companies, PresSense is a wireless solution for aircraft tyres, designed to facilitate maintenance operations for airlines. An electronic sensor measures tyre pressure and transmits this data wirelessly. There is no need for technicians to take readings from the tyre, because of the system’s wireless connection to a database. All pressure readings are saved and can be consulted via a Web interface. This process is much simpler than traditional checks, which require technicians using a pressure gauge on the tyre valve.

After successful ground tests in January 2019, which validated wireless tyre pressure readings for different aircraft configurations, PresSense has undergone successful initial flight tests. Carried out under real conditions, these tests, the companies say, prove the validity of the technology.

These flight tests mark the latest phase in the development of PresSense by Michelin and Safran Landing Systems and pave the way for an entry into service towards 2020.