November 28, 2020

Michelin Launches Agilis 3 Into Commercial Light Truck Tyre Market

Michelin Agilis 3
Michelin Agilis 3

Michelin is set to launch its Agilis 3 into the commercial light truck tyre market, targeting conventional load customers involved in people and goods transportation activities. The newly launched tyre aims to capture the larger high-potential, light-load segment with exceptional solutions – in terms of safety, performance, and environment.

The company says that the key technologies and features incorporated in Agilis 3 include:

  • Stone Ejectors, horizontal bars in the tread groove designed to minimize stone trapping, resulting in a tyre that keeps customers’ downtime to a minimum and lowers their running costs;
  • Sidewall Shields, made with an abrasion-resistant rubber compound, that provide extra sidewall shoulder protection of 1.5mm thickness versus the current generation, without compromising the casing flexibility;
  • Innovative Compound with higher density of silica & carbon black materials for improved wet grip, fuel saving, and mileage performances;
  • U-Shape Grooves that allow a higher water clearance for lasting wet grip performance;
  • Full Depth Sipes that help ensure good flexibility of the tread blocks, resulting in market-leading wet grip performance, both when new and when worn; and
  • Under Tread which keeps the operating temperature cooler thus helps reduce fuel costs.

Michelin says these features offer shorter wet braking distance compared to its major competitors; superior mileage performance compared to its previous generation; and better rolling resistance than average competitors.

The new Michelin Agilis 3 is now available at Michelin’s authorised commercial light truck tyre dealers across the nation. All size ranges (including 4 new sizes), from 13- to 17-inch diameter, cover the entire light 1-to-3-ton load segment of Australia’s commercial light truck tyre market.