May 22, 2019

Kia Reveals Imagine Electric Car Concept

Kia Imagine concept
Kia Imagine concept

This is the Imagine, a new all-electric concept car from Kia.

It’s a great-looking concept with some clever and witty touches – not least of which are the 21 individual ultra-high-resolution screens that are curved cross the top of the dashboard in a really eye-catching way.

The four-door passenger car will have a low-mounted, induction-charged battery pack, but other than that, details on the Imagine’s powertrain are still under wraps. EV powertrain layouts do, however, allow for designers to have much more space to play with on the inside of the car and the Imagine creators grasped that opportunity.

The fun layout of those screens aside, there’s plenty of interesting stuff going on here. There are thin ‘wingcams’ for rearview mirrors; rear-hinged doors at the back; a single sheet of glass is used for both the windscreen and roof; and the paintwork consists of six hand-applied layers of chrome-effect silver paint covered in a tanned bronze tint. The Imagine sits on 22-inch allow wheels featuring four flush inserts of transparent acrylic glass that reflect and refract light. Those wheels are fitted with Goodyear 255/35R22 Intelligrip EV concept tyres.

“Automotive design is about capturing the heart and making it beat that bit faster for that bit longer. We believe that there’s absolutely no reason why that should change simply because the car is electric,” says Gregory Guillaume, Vice President of Design for Kia Motors Europe. “That’s why our all-electric concept is designed to not only get your pulse racing, but to also signpost our holistic and emotional approach to electrification.”