January 27, 2021

Hankook in Europe Launches a New All-Season Pattern Under its Laufenn Brand

Laufenn G Fit 4S
Laufenn G Fit 4S

Hankook has added a new all-season tyre – the Laufenn G Fit 4S – for passenger cars and small-to-medium sized SUV’s to its Laufenn brand portfolio.

The new tyre has been developed for price-conscious drivers looking for a safe ride during all seasons.

Hankook says that the use of high grip silica and enhancing additives in the tread compound, combined with its advanced mixing technology, provides a reliable level of grip all year round, particularly on wet or slush covered roads. The tyre’s V-shaped tread design incorporates wide aqua grooves that enlarge towards the outside shoulder, resulting in the accelerated dispersion of water and slush and minimising the risk of aqua- or slush-planing.

The wide steel belt package and an equilibrium carcass contour of the Laufenn G Fit 4S allow for a stable ride and good handling properties, particularly in dry conditions. This, says Hankook, combined with a high hardness bead filler for a precise steering response, results in a good dry performance. A jointless full cover is designed to improve handling and tread wear and help maximise the tyre’s contact area with the road even at higher speeds. The single strand bead wire is reinforced to provide elasticity and regularity for a smooth ride. Interlocking centre blocks are designed to ensure greater block stiffness for good stability on both wet and dry roads.

Semi grooves arranged over the tread maximise edge effects under all conditions including during different steering angles. Linear 3D-sipes across the centre of the tyre tread enhance performance, particularly in snowy conditions, without sacrificing the block stability for good dry performance. 2D waved sipes in the shoulder area support snow traction and braking, while being able to interlock during dry cornering.

The new Laufenn G FIT 4S is certified with the 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain Snowflake) and the tyre will initially launch in Europe with sizes available from 13 to 18 inches in tread widths from 155 to 235 mm and aspect ratios from series 80 to 40, mainly as extra load versions in speed indices ranging from T to Y.