July 5, 2020

Great Wall Motors Unveils P Series Pickups

Great Wall pickup P series Passenger Pickup Truck
Great Wall pickup P series Passenger Pickup Truck

Great Wall Motors’ P series pick-up product line, which includes the passenger pickup, a cross-country pickup and a commercial pickup, has premiered at the international motor show, Auto Shanghai 2019.

The good-looking vehicles were developed on GWM’s all-new P71 platform and are equipped with ZF’s 8AT gearbox and multi-link rear in addition to a series of features aimed at enhancing the drive and ride experience.

They include ACC self-adaptive cruise control, auto hold, automatic parking, remote start, heated steering wheel, controlled air-conditioning, oil monitoring, and smart voice control system.

The cross-country pickup includes differential locks in the front, middle and rear of the vehicle, snorkels, a winch, cross-country shock absorbers, crawl control and on-the-spot U-turn capabilities. It has a fording depth of 900mm.

Great Wall unveiled an EV version of the Passenger Pickup at Auto Shanghai and announced a hydrogen-powered version would also be available.

Traditional engine options will likely include turbodiesel and turbocharged petrol versions, with manual and automatic options.