August 10, 2020

Goodyear Launches AndGo Fleet Servicing Platform & Announces Venture Capital Fund

Goodyear AndGo

Goodyear has unveiled AndGo at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). AndGo is a vehicle servicing platform that combines predictive software and a national service network to enable consumer fleets to be ready to go when they are needed.

Beyond just tyre service, Goodyear says that AndGo delivers full vehicle readiness, helping consumer fleets boost their performance. Through monitoring of service needs and quick and easy scheduling, AndGo activates Goodyear’s service network for convenient scheduling to reduce downtime.

Fleets engaging AndGo will, says Goodyear, benefit from continuous care through routine inspections and tyre monitoring leveraging Goodyear’s intelligent tyres.

“AndGo is another Goodyear innovation that will help enable mobility today and in the future,” said Goodyear Chairman, CEO and President Richard J. Kramer. “There is no one better positioned than Goodyear with our service network, intelligent tyre solutions and predictive software to provide premium fleet readiness.”

AndGo is currently available in select U.S. markets and will expand to additional markets in mid-2020.

Also at CES, Goodyear announced a new venture capital fund, Goodyear Ventures, with $100 million targeted for new investments in future mobility solutions over the next 10 years.

Goodyear Ventures will focus on partnering and investing in start-ups with a shared vision of sustainable, safe and new mobility experiences.

“Goodyear is a technology-driven mobility company that seeks out and partners with other mobility thought leaders ranging from small start-ups to proven business models,” said Mr Kramer. “Goodyear Ventures will take this effort to the next level to engage and shape how people move in the future.”

Goodyear Ventures will focus on eight themes shaping mobility: Electric and autonomous technologies, Connected mobility solutions, Next-generation public mobility, Next-generation aviation mobility, Future transportation infrastructure, Future maintenance and operations, Emerging technologies, and new tyre materials.