January 27, 2021

Goodyear and SafeAI Announce Tyre Project for Autonomous Heavy Equipment

Goodyear and SafeAI – a pioneer in autonomous heavy equipment – have established a strategic relationship to incorporate tyre intelligence into the programming of autonomous heavy equipment vehicles.

Through an integration with the SafeAI autonomous ecosystem, the companies say they will exchange site data to protect tyre health, eliminate downtime and contribute to a smarter, safer standard for the construction industry. Tyre intelligence from Goodyear’s TPMS Heavy Duty rim-mounted sensors will be deployed at an active construction site in Cupertino, California, in the U.S.

Goodyear will outfit a Caterpillar 725, retrofitted with SafeAI’s autonomous software, to capture pressure and temperature data and monitor overall tyre health. These sensors can identify and communicate adverse conditions before they cause maintenance issues and derail a project.

“No matter the vehicle – automobile, freight truck or dump truck – tire intelligence can help elevate safety, performance and efficiency,” said Chris Helsel, Goodyear senior vice president and chief technology officer. “Through our work with SafeAI, we will not only empower site operators with greater visibility and efficiency, but also gain invaluable performance data to inform our future innovation in autonomy and heavy equipment.”