July 18, 2019

Continental EcoContact 6 Goes Into Volume Production

Continental EcoContact 6
Continental EcoContact 6

Continental has started volume production of the EcoContact 6, a high-tech summer tyre that it says delivers substantial improvements in terms of rolling resistance, mileage, steering precision and braking distances. Compared to its predecessor, the company claims the new tyre offers 20 per cent higher mileage, 15 per cent lower rolling resistance, better handling and shorter braking distances on both wet and dry roads.

Continental has already received approvals from 12 European vehicle manufacturers for factory-fitting of the EcoContact 6 on compact to mid-range models. The new summer tyre is designed to meet stringent requirements in terms of safety, precision handling, high mileage and low fuel consumption.

Continental says its engineers redesigned the silica compound for an even more balanced distribution of the chemical components and introduced additives to the compound to help the contact patch adapt even better to the road surface. This enables more effective transmission of braking forces. The product of these two innovations in the compound goes by the name of GreenChili 2.0.

By March 2019, 112 items for 13 to 22-inch rims are to be available. The EcoContact 6 will be produced in tyre widths from 145 to 315 millimeters with aspect ratios between 80 and 30 percent. The tyres are approved for speeds up to 186 mph