August 5, 2020

Continental Delivers 10,000,000th Tyre From Kaluga Factory

Continental has marked the production of its 10,000,000 tyre at its plant in Kaluga, Russia, just five years after the start of production.

The plant delivers a wide range of passenger and light truck tyre products both to original equipment and replacement customers in Russia, EMEA and APAC countries.

The company says it is expanding its partnership with car manufacturers – large Russian and foreign companies work with the Kaluga tyre plant products – which is reflective of the high standard of product delivered by the plant.

“Tyres are the only mediators between the road and the car, therefore we are responsible for road safety. We ensure the highest standards and a strong internal control at the every production stage to provide products of the highest quality to our customers,” said Nikolai Setzer, member of the Executive Board of Continental and Head of the Tire Division. ”The Kaluga plant is an excellent example of synergy of state of the art equipment, innovative technologies, well-coordinated and efficient team that allowed the plant to become a leader in terms of quality among all the Continental tyre productions in a very short period.”

The company says its product range is constantly expanding and adjusting to the needs of a changing market. The production portfolio of the plant includes more than 300 tyre articles, passenger and light truck tyres from 13 to 21 inches. The plant is producing tyres under the name of three brands: Continental, Gislaved and Matador.