February 20, 2020

Continental Aims To Strengthen Network Of AI Experts

Continental is aiming to strengthen its network of AI experts
Continental is aiming to strengthen its network of AI experts

Technology company Continental intends to increase its team of experts in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) by 2021 from its current figure of approximately 400 employees to approximately 700 employees. Continental cited the figure during its first international AIR (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) Days that brought close to 200 Continental experts in AI and robotics to exchange information about current developments.

Experts from ten countries and three continents exchanged ideas, including about the opportunities and potential for AI in Production and Logistics and its use in the field of advanced driver assistance systems. Guest lecturers from a number of research institutes were present at the AIR Days and participants discussed new approaches for optimising neural networks and the continuous learning process of mobile robots.

“Our experiences of collaborating with the various international research institutes clearly show that pooling knowledge proves worthwhile very quickly – especially in the field of AI research,” said Demetrio Aiello, Head of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics at Continental.

“We will also continue to expand these research networks in the future. Even merely the shared use of available data from Product Development and Production allows us faster access to AI systems that have already been validated for safer products and more efficient processes.”

Continental is collaborating with NVIDIA, Baidu and many other research institutes in this field, including the University of Oxford, the Berkeley DeepDrive (BDD) at the University of California, the Technische Universität Darmstadt, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (India). In Budapest, Hungary, the Continental Advanced Driver Assistance Systems business unit opened a centre of excellence for deep machine learning in May 2018. Continental currently employs around 400 specialists worldwide with AI expertise and is looking for further talented people for product and process development in AI.

“Continental will become an ‘AI-empowered company’,” said Mr Aiello. “On the product side, we will deploy artificial intelligence to automate mobility. This will make commuting and traveling easier for us all. In process automation, artificial intelligence will make our employees’ work easier. Monotonous tasks will be further automated and relevant information from a huge volume of data will be more identifiable.”