November 28, 2020


Rolls-Royce build luxury cars right? Big, powerful, cars with an aristocratic air and a price tag to match. The venerable British marque is not, to be honest, renowned for creating the type of vehicle that leaves you a bit breathless and having to lift your jaw off the ground. And as for the creation of nutty concept vehicles . . . well, that can be left to the crazy continental types across the English channel, right?

Apparently not. This year, the geniuses at RR went the full pistachio and came up with this, the quite astonishing 103EX.

An absolutely massive beast - it's nearly 6m long and 2m high - the 103EX has been designed with an eye on a future that will be all-electric and driverless. RR have dispensed with front seats completely, leaving a couch-like back seat. Where you might expect to see a steering wheel and a dashboard full of instrumentation, instead there is a massive entertainment screen. Amongst a host of other features there is a virtual personal assistant with artificial intelligence which is designed to learn the owner's habits and be able to make hotel or restaurant suggestions as well as organise a trip.

The 103EX design is, depending on your point of view, a sign of the RR designers losing their minds or a stunning vision of the future, and includes 28-inch tall wheels, hand-built from 65 individual pieces of aluminium and enclosed to 'deliver the impression of a futuristic catamaran'.

RR says it aims for a return to its coach-building past with the 103EX, offering customers a role in designing the body of the vehicle they will end up driving, but it would be a big ask for anyone to come up with something as stunning/bonkers as this.