January 25, 2020

Century Batteries Creates Deep Cycle Battery Power Calculator

Century Batteries has created a Deep Cycle Battery Power Calculator
Century Batteries has created a Deep Cycle Battery Power Calculator

With caravanners and campers running more gadgets than ever before, Century Batteries has created an easy way to determine power needs with their first online interactive Deep Cycle battery power calculator.

The company says the calculator offers a way to work out just how much power you will need to run a fridge, charge your phone or keep the lights on in your caravan or campsite late at night.

Century Yuasa’s National Marketing Manager (Automotive) Andrew Bottoms said that previously there was no easy way for travellers to determine which Deep Cycle battery would suit their requirements. He added that the size and type of Deep Cycle battery required was dependent on its application and the conditions of use, so it was important to ensure there was sufficient battery capacity to power the equipment being used.

“The existing process involved working through a 6-step calculation to determine power usage in watts, total the figure and add a safety net, then convert their power consumption into ampere hours,” he said. “The user then had to manually find and select a battery which satisfies that figure.

“Century Batteries deep cycle power calculator removes all of the hassle, making it easy to calculate power requirements:  even recommending a selection of batteries available to suit. All you have to do is enter the details of your equipment or devices you want to power, including the power consumption (watts) and estimated usage time (hours).

“Using this information, the Deep Cycle calculator will tally the power consumption and usage times, add a 50 per cent safety net and automatically convert the power consumption into ampere hours (Ah). A list of suitable Deep Cycle batteries will then be displayed – providing their Ah ratings are equal to or higher than the calculated Ah figure.”

Click here to view the Deep Cycle Battery Power Calculator