January 18, 2021

CAMS To Rebrand As Motorsport Australia

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) will be known as Motorsport Australia from January 1, 2020.

The organisation says the new name signifies the changing nature of the sport and Motorsport Australia’s role as the government-recognised sporting organisation for all four-wheeled motorsport in Australia, in addition to its delegated role as the National Sporting Authority by the Federation Internationale de’l Automobile (FIA).

Motorsport Australia’s responsibilities remain the same and there is no change to the organisation’s constitution or structure, aside from the alteration of the organisation’s name.

CAMS President Andrew Papadopoulos said the change would assist the organisation to better represent motorsport at all levels.

“There are many reasons for this name change and we feel that the sporting, government, participation and commercial benefits are certainly among the key reasons the Board voted to make this historic change,” said Papadopoulos.

“Motorsport in this country is in a strong position – we’re proud of the recent growth across all areas of our sport, including having a record number of events, officials and active licence holders.

“Just because we are seeing that growth doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels. We need to make sure we are doing what is best for the sport now and into the future.

“Anyone who may be looking to get involved in the sport will now know the first port of call will be Motorsport Australia – in line with other sporting bodies – and will not be confused about what our role is. We know from our own experiences, ‘CAMS’ or the ‘Confederation of Australian Motor Sport’ didn’t necessarily express the leading role we play to those unfamiliar with our sport.

“While other names were considered, the change to Motorsport Australia is the most obvious fit and brings us in line with what many other sports have already done, including the Australian Government’s own agency, Sport Australia.”

The official changeover to Motorsport Australia will come into effect on January 1 2020. As of this date, the website for Motorsport Australia will be motorsport.org.au