June 26, 2019

Bridgestone To Use Autonomous Vehicles For Tyre Testing

Bridgestone has announced that it, together with ZMP Inc., has launched a development project aimed at utilising automated driving in tyre noise tests.

The project entails outsourcing the development of an automated driving system, that incorporates Bridgestone’s tyre test expertise, to ZMP, the company that creates products and services based on its advanced robotics technologies. The companies have already succeeded in using automotive driving of manned vehicles at a Bridgestone’s proving ground and are working to achieve SAE-Level 4 automated driving of unmanned vehicles for practical application in tyre noise tests in 2019.

Bridgestone says it aims to improve the accuracy and efficiency of tyre tests and thereby increase the quality of its tyre products. In addition, Bridgestone hopes to utilise the insight gained through this project in the development of tyres for self-driving cars and other next-generation automobiles.