January 19, 2021

Bridgestone Partners Microsoft on Intelligent Tyre Monitoring System 

Bridgestone is collaborating with Microsoft to develop a world-first monitoring system for detecting tyre damage issues in real-time.

While regular tyre pressure monitoring systems help motorists avoid low-pressure problems, and regular service and replacement of tyres in time will guard against wear and fatigue, there is still the issue of tyre damage – which often cannot be detected without close, manual inspection, and which can potentially occur at any time.

Damaged tyres can lead to accidents and can also adversely affect other vehicle components, such as causing damage to the wheels, and thus create a further source of potential danger to motorists.

Bridgestone says its Tyre Damage Monitoring System delivers real-time awareness of damage. It uses MCVP’s (Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform) cloud framework together with existing sensor data from hardware that is already installed and uses algorithms to detect events affecting the tyre surface and carcass. The driver can then be immediately notified of the hazard and act accordingly to remedy the situation.

Bridgestone claims the tyre damage monitoring system has other valuable applications and can understand not only when damage has occurred, but also where, allowing broader insight into road conditions and infrastructure which can be used to alert the agencies responsible for road damage issues to the presence and location of potholes and other hazards. Future autonomous vehicles could also be beneficiaries of the system – as vehicles pass information about local hazards to others in the vicinity, as well as cloud data stores.

Currently, Bridgestone’s new Tyre Damage Monitoring System is available to all vehicle fleets and OEM’s that use MCVP.