January 15, 2021

Bridgestone Australia set to spread Olympic Games fever

Bridgestone Australia’s official Olympic partnership has kicked off and will see the company encouraging the Australian public to achieve their personal best over the next eight years.

Bridgestone Corporation is the first tyre company in history to join The Olympic Partner program – the highest level of sponsorship in the Olympic Movement.

Until 2024, the company joins other leading brands with exclusive global sponsorship rights.

“As the world’s best tyre brand, we have a unique empathy for what it takes to become the world’s best athlete,” said Andrew Moffatt, Bridgestone Australia and New Zealand Managing Director.

“Millions of dollars in research and thousands of hours of testing go into creating the perfect tyre, just as Olympic athletes give everything they have to deliver a perfect performance.

“Both require absolute dedication, commitment and conviction, but are not necessarily about international fame and recognition. Instead, it’s about achieving a personal best and pushing yourself to your limits and beyond.

“Olympians carry people’s hopes and dreams and, in a way, we too have a responsibility to our country – to keep Australians and their loved ones safe on the road.”

The Olympic partnership is one of a host of initiatives that Bridgestone has implemented over the years, to ensure its brand is synonymous with more than just tyres.

“We want our brand to go beyond tyres to support society in a truly meaningful way. Being involved with the Olympics – a huge, exciting global event – is a fantastic opportunity for us to do that,” said Mr Moffatt.

“Over the next eight years we’ll be running a number of Olympic-related initiatives, aimed at helping Australians achieve their dreams and work towards their own personal best.”

Bridgestone is partner to the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Games, the National Olympic Committees and the National Olympic Teams. It is also the first Founding Partner of the Olympic Channel – a digital platform where fans can experience the power of sport and the Olympic Movement all year round.