March 28, 2020

BMW Unveils New Aerodynamic Wheels for EVs

BMW's Aerodynamic Wheel

BMW has unveiled its new Aerodynamic Wheel that will make its debut on the upcoming BMW iX3 electric crossover vehicle.

A combination of aluminium base wheel and individually designed inserts give the wheel its performance, with reduced drag and a weight reduction of 15 per cent lighter over previous versions.

The inserts are precision-moulded and integrated into the outside of the wheel between the spokes and BMW says they are highly effective in reducing wheel-arch air turbulence, therefore aerodynamic drag.

The company adds that the benefits of the new wheel in terms of aerodynamics and weight have the overall effect of lowering power consumption for the BMW iX3 by another two per cent in the European WLTP test cycle – equating to 0.4 kWh/100 km – extending the vehicle range by 10 kilometres.

The wheels’ appearance can be varied in numerous different ways, enabling a number of of possibilities for the design of wheels on future models. The new Aerodynamic Wheels will also feature on the BMW iNext, which is to be introduced in 2021.

The Aerodynamic Wheels can be painted in different colours while the customer can also choose between matte or polished finish. All versions of the base wheel can be fitted with inserts whose appearance can vary according to the sheen, polish and pattern specified. Colour accents from the body design can be incorporated into the inserts’ styling and the inserts can also be combined with different surface designs within a single wheel. The result is a multitude of possibilities, each with a design that matches the vehicle’s character, the equipment line selected and the customer’s individual preferences.