May 24, 2020

Bentley’s Birkin Blower Continuation Goes Digital

Bentley Blower
Bentley Blower

Bentley reports its Blower Continuation Series project has reached an important milestone, with the completion of the digital CAD (Computer Aided Design) model that will serve as the master design and engineering reference for the new cars.

The Blower Series is a run of 12 new Bentley Blowers, each of which will be an exact mechanical copy of the 1929 Team Blower built and raced by Tim Birkin, one of the legendary Bentley Boys. The continuation cars are being produced by a team at Bentley Mulliner’s Classic division who are working with a team of vintage specialists to re-engineer and build the parts needed to bring the new series to life.

It took two CAD engineers 1200 man-hours to complete the model from the scan data and measurements and as well as assisting in the development of parts design and development, the CAD model has been able to assist with the specification of individual customers’ cars, with Bentley’s design team able to create accurate full-colour renders from the data.

While the Continuation Series cars will be mechanically identical to the original Team Blower, customers are now in the process of choosing their own exterior and interior palettes and materials so that the car visually distinctive from their predecessor.

Just four original Team Blowers were built for racing in the late 1920s. All 12 of the new cars have already been sold.