January 15, 2021

2019 New Vehicle Sales Down in Challenging Market

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) today released new vehicle sales results for 2019, and it did not make for pleasant reading.

For the full calendar year 2019, a total of 1,062,867 new vehicles were recorded as sold, a 7.8 per cent decrease on full year 2018.  The 2019 figure of 1,062,867 is the lowest annual sales result reported in VFACTS since 2011.

On a monthly basis, 84,239 new vehicle sales were recorded for December 2019, a decrease of 3.8 per cent from December 2018.

The year saw a further shift to SUV sales which now hold 45.5 per cent of the total market, a 2.5 percentage point increase from 2018.

Light commercial vehicle share grew by 0.6 points to claim 21.2 per cent of the market, while passenger motor vehicles decreased by 3.1 percentage points to 29.7 per cent.

While holding the largest share of market, sales of SUVs declined by 2.4 per cent compared to 2018, sales of passenger vehicles declined by 16.5 per cent and sales of light commercial vehicles declined by 5.2 per cent.

Across the brands, Toyota led the market in 2019 with 19.4 per cent market share, followed by Mazda (9.2 per cent), Hyundai (8.1 per cent), Mitsubishi (7.8 per cent) and Ford (6.0 per cent).